I understand how deeply this global crisis is effecting us all. With this in mind, I have expanded my support to include anyone experiencing fear and uncertainty during these challenging times. As a coach I am able to provide remote support, this includes my birth and postpartum services. I have adjusted my fees for the time being to include a sliding scale to accommodate the financial strain many of us are feeling. To learn more about how my coaching can help during this difficult time click below.

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The great unfolding occurs as new energy swells within the womb space. Just as a seed unfolds, opens and emerges life follows this natural cycle. 

But it isn't simply a metamorphosis that the baby undergoes. A new life is brought into the earth, yes, but with this the family is born. Layers of the past start to unravel as the thought of becoming a parent begins to take root. 

Throughout life, we each constantly sow our own seeds of intention, nurturing them, laboring with love for their existence and eventually breathing them into being. In this way, we are all conscious crafters, birthing new ideas from the womb of Mama Gaia herself. 

My role, is to support individuals during their transitions as they step into their own power. As a trained Doula, Coach, & Lactation Specialist I am honored to support YOU as you grow and blossom. I am simply here to help you find your true potential and to remind you that: 


Meg's Promise

I am he​re to support you wherever you may be in your journey. I see each person as a unique individual and tailor my support to your needs as such. I come from a completely non-judgmental place and am purely here to support your decisions, I will never try to sway your opinions or put you down for any choice you make. I have designed my packages with every person's unique situations in mind. If for whatever reason you are unable to pay in full, please reach out to me as I do take payment plans & work on a sliding scale for those that demonstrate the need. I feel every person that wants support deserves it no matter what!

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