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Lactation/Infant Feeding

The journey into parenthood is stained with milk and often accompanied with tears. Whether those are tears of joy or sorrow - this can be an emotional experience with many hills and valleys along the way. Only YOU can decide what infant feeding goal feels right for you, but the good news is I can help you through coaching you along the way. You know what is best for you and your family, but I can offer a compassionate and listening ear, a touch of wisdom I've learned throughout all the years & a sounding board to check in with when you are feeling conflicted or confused on what position, pump or bottle to try next.

Families usually request my support with:

  • Latch
  • Positions
  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Dream Feeding
  • Bottle/Breast Refusal
  • Pumping
  • Painful Feeding
  • Cluster Feeding
  • Scheduling Support
  • "Colic"

Lactation Support Packages

These packages have been adjusted with the pandemic in mind. Packages are all on a sliding scale, if you are able to pay the higher end, you will be helping support others that are currently in a financial hardship. 

Full Bloom Nurturing


Per Week

$525 Value

60-90 Min Calls Every Day

7 Calls Total

2 weeks follow up

Text/Email Support 

New Growth Nurturing


Per Month

$300 Value

60-90 Min Weekly Calls

4 Calls Total

4 week follow up

Text/Email Support

Seedling Nurturing


Per Session

Best for a budget

1- 60-90 Minute Call

2 Weeks Text/Email Support

Call to set up a FREE initial meeting - offered in person or video chat:

(707) 806-8817