The Fourth Trimester

Support while you heal & blossom

After​ ​babe has come earth side, families are often expected to return to life at the same pace as before. This is an unrealistic expectation for anyone and most times means you - the parents, are left to compete for time and energy to receive the proper support needed to heal after such a labor of love. Although babe is now out of the womb the parents' health and wellness is still a top priority because there exists such a connection between you and your sweet little one. Hiring a postpartum doula allows for you to put your well being as a top priority along side your baby's needs which makes for a happy and healthy family all around - be it a few days of support, a month or while you travel. I enjoy sharing my expertise on infant care, feeding your babe successfully, developmental milestones, sleep tactics & more - let me be your guide.

The sun & the moon

There are two forms of postpartum care that focus on different aspects of the fourth trimester. Daytime care focuses more on the entire family and can include specific tasks or can be more free flowing day to day as needs arise. Nighttime is all about optimizing parents' sleep while supporting babe's natural sleep cycles and introducing new age appropriate tactics. 

Postpartum Goals

Each family seeks support for different reasons - as your guide through this transitional and imperative time my goal is to help you arrive to a place where you feel strong & confident. The goals look very similar family to family but the ways we arrive to them are unique. As your postpartum doula, I will help you construct a postpartum plan that will ensure all your needs are met and that you have the resources you may need at hand.

New Baby Care 


Infant Feeding

Sleep Cycles

Sibling Adjustment

Postpartum Mental Wellness

House Tidying

Baby Wearing

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